Bottom line…we’re a machine shop that machines pieces to your exact specifications. Out commitment is to make perfect parts every time, on time.


Eleos Inc. machines parts that are used in a wide variety of industries including all things medical. Our state of the art machines from the top machine manufacturers allow precision that can only be met from our dedicated team of professionals…


Eleos Inc. uses state of the art machines from the top machine manufacturers. Our programmers can achieve parts that will save you time and money. We operate at a high level, leveraging technology to meet the high demands of business.


Whether your product moves by air or water, we have the tools and resources to ensure that the products we create will withstand any element including water. Inquire about how we can help achieve perfection whether, by air, land or sea.


Maybe your parts are currently being machined by another company. Maybe you have high shipping costs, need a break on rush orders…whatever it is, check with Eleos. We have a track record of being competitive and getting the job done no matter what they cost.


Due to the rigorous specifications needed in the aerospace industry, Eleos, Inc. has the experience and certifications to handle any job of any size. We accommodate most any request and have the experience needed to perform to the highest of standards.